Thursday, 29 March 2012


a year ago we were planning our trip to Maui. there were mountains of snow on the ground around home (literally!). and we were all excited to see the sun and not a flake of snow.

we are all a little sad that Maui was not on the horizon this year. it's a little bit of heaven on earth, so who wouldn't be!

i took hundreds of photos. you know how you have too many photos, yet not enough? we got some amazing ones. happy to have good ones to remind us of our trip and the fun we had. i think the "not enough" comes into thoughts when we realize that not 100% of our memories were recorded by the camera.

enter scrapbooking....



this paper (designed by Rhonna Farrer) is very beautiful and has a fair amount of action going on in the background. it really stumped me. i wanted to add more details. but felt like the layout was finished as it was. maybe it was partly the photo? it sat on my desk for a number of days. then it moved to my shelf. every time i sat down to add, it just didn't feel right. this week Urban received more new goodies. i decided that perhaps a few of them could balance out the layout some more.

i had a super old Making Memories square brad that seemed out of place....until i added 2 more little embellishments. one was a gem from Glitz. the other was a wooden star from Prima.

i am going to leave it alone now.


it was fun to add a sunken title. i prepared the layout of the photo and other basic details. measured and set up my Cameo to cut it out where i wanted it to go. usually i end with the title, so this was a challenge to me. i adhered a portion from a 6x6 paper pad to the reverse. i want to try this technique some more.

i also want to try more layouts with the hexagon shapes too. love it.

i saw a neat layout on the Prima blog the other day that used repetitive circles. loved that too.

i have been watching the Creative Chemistry videos several times each day. i watch on my own, then my kids want to see as well. sometimes we watch them while we eat breakfast or lunch. reminds me of the days when they were little. lunch used to take an hour with them! it became a habit because they were too young to maintain a conversation and we all enjoyed art videos. everyone was happy. so the CC101 videos bring back some happy memories of those days! today was perfect pearls. several new techniques to me. now i am anxious to clear off the recent project taking up my desk space and try out the new lesson on some tags.

sometimes the list of "things to try" is longer than the hours in a day!

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