Saturday, 31 March 2012


i have been wanting to do a family photo of us since last November.

there are lots of reasons why it has taken so long. clean faces. (not Kris and i!) clean clothes. (again, not a problem for Kris and i.) good weather and lighting. perfect backdrop. happy faces.

my list was long.

it took me until earlier this month to realize that "the perfect day" would not happen. and if i forced it, it also would not happen.

we had a few minutes one Sunday afternoon, so i asked if we could do just one photo. there were big snowflakes falling around us. the backdrop was the view from our front yard. so much about the photo was less than ideal. yet it was so perfect. the cool part is that it only took 10 minutes of my time to set up the camera on a tripod, get it focused and the timer set up. then only 3 minutes of posing. yes, i've made a mental note to myself to do this more often.

i also edited the RAW photo in Aperture. for the first time. i was happily surprised at the easy outcome. our jeans had more texture, and the colours were so sharp. i then sent the original into my Photoshop program and tried my typical editing tricks. none of them brought it to the same level. so i am hooked! if i want a regular looking photo, i now edit it totally in Aperture. to crop it or add some layers and such, i do that in Photoshop.


just an ordinary day.



i had so much fun with this one! i picked up MANY of those packages of Prima rosebuds. and i am SOOOO happy i did.

i also designed the chicken wire paper using my Cameo. they had a version on their blog, but it was drawn with a pen directly to the paper. i imported a photo from Google, made a trace, then cut it out with the Cameo. i love that machine! it has been so useful.


  1. Real photo....real life...WONDERFUL design, Roxanne :)

  2. And I love this one too! Did you cut the chicken wire with your cameo? Oh man I will be addicted I think!!! Great LO - love everything about it!


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