Tuesday, 2 October 2012

it was worth the wait

as soon as i saw the Teresa Collins Vintage Finds paper collection i loved it. check it out here. it is all so amazing. and it didn't disappoint when i saw it in person too. phew! 

i lost track of how many times i asked if it had arrived. yeah, i must have been "slightly" annoying. ha! ok, probably completely annoying. when it finally arrived and i got it home, life got in the way of getting a layout created from it. seriously a bit of a pet peeve of mine!! 
{the "life stuff" wasn't serious...mostly everything happening at once...why is that?!!}

this is the sketch i used as my starting point:

and this ended up being the sketch that i used:

sometimes that is how it happens. i still love the first sketch and hope to use it from start to finish one day.

finally i managed to complete the layout. in all honesty it came together rather quickly with very little chocolate and not a single drop of wine. and that worried me! so i set to work to try a multitude of techniques to make it more complicated. there was quite the storm in my office as a result! after all the trials and errors, i didn't think a single one of them worked with the layout. as a result i ended up going with my initial plan. 

i am so happy that everything worked out well in the end. it does have some new techniques. but it is much simpler than the layouts i've been teaching these past few months. see why it worried me?! although i think my students will breathe a HUGE sigh of relief. you are all welcome. wink!

all you are getting for now is a sneak peak. 


since the next paper collection is already at the store for the next class, i plan to get a head start on the next layout. it will be nice to have the upcoming class layout finished to share at the class. it has been much too long.

i will post the rest of the photos in a few days.

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