Sunday, 2 December 2012

Frosty Couture

we enjoyed our annual tradition of visiting the Festival of Trees. i think we stay longer each year. the kids are starting to remember more of the activities and have their own lists of what they want to do.

one thing we all agreed on was finding "Frosty Couture" as soon as we walked in! she was really captivating.


it was tough to get a photo of her because she was quite popular.


the little village under her wintery skirt.

{as well as the ribbons she earned! 1st place in the Creative Art category and a 1st place for People's Choice on Thursday. she also won 1st on Friday, but haven't heard about Saturday yet.}


we helped by cutting snowflakes. lots of snowflakes.


here is a view of her from the back. she's not a tiny thing!


her crown was filled with the tiniest of the flakes.

then we moved on.


Aidan spotted this little tree. so cute!


of course Kiara spotted anything pink and purple.


after a few groups of trees the kids were begging to try some activities. it was pretty quiet when we got there, and they could go right into the activities of their choice. they always choose an art activity. this year i went and did some playing around with my camera while they coloured. then there were cookies to decorate. sadly their was a long line to Santa's Den this year. we always go at the end of the evening and it is always interesting to see what they buy for us. given it was already late, we had to forego that activity this year. i think we'll be fine! even though Kiara would love to buy me another glittery feather pen. ha!!

i only brought my 50mm lens, so i was limited with the amount of space i had to work with. thankfully i love detail shots.


it was difficult to see the real colour of some of the trees. there were colourful lights that completely changed a few of them!


this was my favourite photo of the night.

we were so inspired by the trees that we set ours up the very next day. we were inspired.....but our tree won't win any awards!

i am more in awe of this festival than ever before. it is a beautiful and inspiring place to be on a cold winter evening. but under all the festivity lies an important purpose that is easy to forget. so grateful to the many people who dedicate their time and talents to put this all together!

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