Wednesday, 16 January 2013

year in review

i'm in the mood for a bit of a change!

usually i start my Year in Review classes in January. in a way i still am....

for the past three years i have had my year in review classes start the last week of January and continue to meet for the next 12 months ending in December. the first year it was pointed out to me that the ladies had an entire {very full} album of layouts, but had no class layout for the first and last pages of their album. which got me thinking....

i came up with adding a bonus class. it would be an optional thirteenth class of the year. with a specific purpose to have TWO single page layouts to complete the albums. but it was only available to my year in review class groups. i taught the class in January, which meant that the ladies who continued on to the next year had a busy month of class time with me!

here is the switch up....

the bonus class has been offered to my 2012 Year in Review students as an optional thirteenth class. but i also opened up spaces for my 2013 Year in Review students as an optional first class.

the 2013 Year in Review classes will be based on a colour theme. we will have a rainbow of pages by December! the 2012 "bonus layouts" fit in so nicely with the colour theme. which is what prompted me to try this because these were a lot of fun to design!

check them out.....


you can see more detail photos here.

this page is all about the ombre blues. blue is a very peaceful colour, isn't it?


go here for the detail photos of this page.

i gave myself the challenge to use only WHITE paper for this one. well, mostly white! the colour changes were all done with ink. then i broke my rule with the black paper for the title...and the photo mats....ha!!

***  there are a couple of spaces still available for both of these single page layouts in my Saturday, February 2 class from 10am to 1pm ***

those of you who are starting the 2013 Year in Review classes will have your first official class at the end of February. the layout details will be following in a few days. the first page will be in reds and pinks, so it is rather feminine. there are many more colours in the rainbow and not all of them will have the feminine theme...don't worry! there is always one very feminine layout and one very masculine layout each year. most will be more neutral.

to get an idea of my style....

2012 Year in Review pages

2011 Year in Review pages

2010 Year in Review pages

for more information on the 2013 Year in Review availability please contact:
The Urban Scrapbook at 780-451-3459

last year i had 2 full classes and only had a few openings during the year for drop-in students. it's too early to determine if the situation will be the same for 2013. if there are extra spaces available i will definitely announce it here when i share the layout that will be taught. but you are always welcome to call Urban Scrapbook and check for open spaces.

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