Saturday, 28 September 2013

only boring people are bored...

...and we are not boring!

primary colours? check! {  red, blue and yellow  }

secondary colours? check! {  green, purple and orange  }

here is layout Number Seven...

 photo OctoberFull.jpg


is black a colour? well....if you mix all of the primary colours together then you will get black. or at least close to black.

how lucky for me that the hot trend right now is chalkboard. it really helped make this layout more fun. i had thought about going "halloween" style...but i changed my mind when i saw the new chalkboard papers.

 photo Octoberleftpage.jpg

i decided to keep one of the pages more classic. black and white photo. and as many black elements as possible. there is just a touch of white and silver on this page.

 photo OctoberRightPage.jpg

this one is more playful. i decided to use colourful photos on this page. those colours really pop against the black background. this would be a great place to use those very colourful photos that conflict against the coloured pattern papers. sometimes the story of a layout is more about the colour of an event, isn't it?

and don't you adore those cute little chalkboard frames?!

i chose this quote because it is one of the more original ones that i have seen lately. the other option had the lyrics to "you are my sunshine", which i also love. {My Mind's Eye: Chalk Studio - in stock at Urban Scrapbook}

 photo Octobercloseup1.jpg

i think this little mason jar is one of my favourites right now. it was fun to make. i'm excited to see what my students think of this technique too.

 photo Octobercloseup2.jpg

and then there is this technique with the chalkboard "clips". it is another new product that has some pretty cool properties.

pre-made embellishments are fine. i take advantage of them at any possible moment. but. there is just something fun about the embellishments that you make yourself. they can be customized and altered until they are just right.

 photo OctoberFull.jpg

you can register for this class by calling Urban Scrapbook at 780.451.3459

Thursday, October 24, 6:00 to 9:00 pm {sorry, full)


Saturday, October 26: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

i have absolutely loved this Year of Colour. for the first time i have been tempted to frame the entire year on a wall in my house. maybe not both pages of the layouts...but how cool would they look if they were displayed in a grouping of three by three? hmmm.... i'm so thankful for the great group of ladies that come out each month and get their hands full of ink! i look forward to these classes and you inspire me to keep creating. 

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