Monday, 4 November 2013

dreaming of winter

it appears my new trend has been to blog on a monthly basis! it has been that kind of a month. a good month. just a very busy one. in fact this blog post is partly a procrastination from the work i'm supposed to be doing. there is a pile of marking with my name on it. i tried to pawn it off on the kids in my class today {jokingly} and they were ready to help me out. if only they could!

on to my show and tell....

the colour for November is white. i was very excited about planning this one. the only disappointment was that there was not a single company who sold an only white pattern paper. aren't these big designers following my blog and keeping up with my plans this year?! haha!!

 photo Novemberfull.jpg

the beauty of this design is that the students can add any colour of photo to the layout and the design will work perfectly. if any of the ladies were fortunate to be out photographing the scenery after this last snow, they should have some lovely options. even some winter foliage and blooms will look so pretty. family photos? i can't wait to hear the ideas tossed around or the photos brought to class.

 photo Novemberleftpage.jpg

lots of texture. in a variety of techniques.

 photo Novemberrightpage.jpg

i debated to even add a title. after it was cut out and laid on top, i was totally sold on the idea.

 photo Novcloseup2.jpg

this is my favourite poinsettia on the page. it looks even better in real life!

 photo Novcloseup4.jpg

this little tree has a surprise. ooohhh! i cannot wait to see the reaction. i know it is not a new product to some of the ladies....but they may have forgotten about it?! i can think of a few other uses for it, and i'm certain there will be more ideas shared in class.

 photo Novcloseup1.jpg

and more poinsettias!

 photo Novcloseup3.jpg

this little embellishment was the hardest to photograph. in fact it looks like a mess right now! trust me that it is much better to view in person.

 photo Novemberfull.jpg

there are a few extra spaces this month. call Urban Scrapbook to book your spot. {780.451.3459}

Thursday, November 28 @ 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Saturday, November 30 @ 10:00 am to 1:00 pm 
 {**note that the store does not open until will have some time to pick up any supplies for the day and get your work area set up before we start the class. however it is much better to pick up your supplies early!}

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