Wednesday, 8 January 2014

January Year in Review Class!

2013 was another unique year for my Year In Review classes.

my "bonus" class for 2012 was opened up to my new 2013 students as well as spaces for my 2012 group. that was fun! i put my "bonus" layout pages in my 2012 album, but they would also work for 2013. {Celebrate Today and Always Remember This}

my first year for teaching this set of classes was in 2010. each month followed a monthly theme.

in 2011 i kept an intentional focus on techniques for each month.

2012 had each layout following a sketch, and using non-layout sketches to get inspired designs.

and 2013 was focused on COLOUR!!

for the "bonus" class to close up the 2013 year i thought it would be fun to play with all of the colours we used during the year. with a change up!

here you go....

 photo Januarywhite.jpg

taking some paints, gesso and coloured papers on a white background.

but what if....

 photo Januaryblack.jpg

we used those same products on a black background?!

then put the pages side by side....

 photo colourfullifefulllayout.jpg

this is the first time i have created a "bonus" layout where the pages could potentially be displayed side by side in the album. yet they could still work as the "first" and "last" pages.

 photo colourfullifecloseup1.jpg

a close up....

 photo colourfullifecloseup2.jpg

and another...

 photo colourfullifecloseup3.jpg

and another.

it can be a challenge to take "blank" canvases and "naked" embellishments and use them. however, with an open mind it can also be very relaxing.

i think this will be a great culmination to our year. techniques we have used on various layouts, so an opportunity to use what we have already been practicing.

 photo Januarywhite.jpg

 photo Januaryblack.jpg

it is so interesting how the background paper changes the effect of the colours.

{if your photos work....and you have the time to sort through them.....i think it would be a really neat look if your photo colours could match the backgrounds. such as a sunrise/sunset against the yellow, summer green against the green, etc. i chose black because i didn't want more colours to distract from the overall look.}

those registered for the 2013 year should be getting an email about the specifics by the end of next week. classes will be the last Thursday and Saturday of this month.

stay tuned for the focus of 2014. {don't won't have to wait too long for this news....but you will love it!!}

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