Thursday, 27 March 2008


project of mine.

still putting my heart into this one!

gives you a bit of an idea...

and another embellishments. happy to say that this one took one hour and thirty minutes. that includes finding, printing and trimming the photos. choosing colours. picking out embellishments. and putting it all together from scratch.

i was at the store on Tuesday. yes out of the ordinary for me! they have some new tools that have just arrived. i was impressed with myself that i actually knew what one of them did. this stepping out of the box is getting to be quite fun! maybe i'll pick up another colour, or two of their alcohol ink today. yeah, i'm ready to faint too! hope you are sitting by now....who does not sit when they are at a computer anyway.....yeesh! maybe i'll even buy the cool tonic scratcher tool. again, don't want to repeat the edge distresser scene! lol!!

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