Thursday, 22 May 2008

baby album help

need some help putting together a baby album???

for a baby that is grown up?

for a baby that hasn't been born yet?

a gift for someone else?

or you actually have a baby and need some more ideas as you are totally on top of the first year album? {does that exist?!}

here is some solid, reliable help!

two peas in a bucket is offering a *FREE* 12 week online course on putting together a baby album for babys' first year. check out week one here. they have photos, tips, downloads and even message boards where you can get questions answered. they even have suggestions on what kind of supplies to use.....right down to companies that have great baby paper lines. they did miss mentioning SEI chick-a-doo and Making Memories animal crackers don't feel restrained in your choices.

i know i mentioned this before...big picture scrapbooking....Edmonton's own Talia Audenart.....for $10 you can sign up to take a class at any time on making a baby album. go here. more downloads, lots of tips and help..... check out some of her scrapbook pages to get an idea of her style. one thing i liked about this was that she helps with the entire album....down to a supply list. she doesn't list specific product lines, but tells you how many pages of plain or patterned papers to buy, etc.....

well, you've seen my pages. go ahead and scraplift any ideas you like. at SIStv you can check out their gallery. down to specifics. like baby pages! lots of new ideas there every day. it helped me to plan one day each week that was my evening to lose myself in the scrapbook world. some pages got completed that night. others took longer. it also helped to take a break from the baby book and do other projects or pages for fun. odd that a cutesy album of the most adorable family members can be so stressful at times!!

and i could go on...but i won't. check out those links. lots of helpful tips. where were these tips when i needed them?!

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