Monday, 9 June 2008


took some time to put together a scrapbook page. maybe it hasn't been that long. but it sure has felt like a long time!

of course it made for a late night last night. i wish everything gave me energy like this! maybe it had something to do with the amount of fresh air i've been getting?

i actually started out just tidying things up around my desk. my scrap"room" consists of a desk. oh and a few shelves i share with the rest of the family. i believe that my scrap"room" is the third definition of CROWDED!!


this was one of those pictures that i didn't really think about getting new paper for. i could have. but i also have a million scraps. so this time it was a matter of checking out what stuff i had to use. this is actually my second try of papers for the photo. (my first was from the newest cosmo cricket "new" scraps! but it just didn't work. now i'll have to find a photo to match my scraps!!)

here it is:

and i also have been trying out my new basic grey clear stamps. one of those purchases i hmmm'd over. i can now admit that i love swirls. so happy that i didn't go for the rub-on package. can only use those once! and these are probably the first stamps that i use at least once a week. and i am not a "stamper"!

this photo was taken a month ago. the same day that i found Aidans' new bike. so it might look familiar.

and how do i love those Luxe rub-on letters! they rub-on so easily.

i had forgotten about this site:
A Daily Inspiration
this is the place to go to see consistently amazing layouts with a supply list and directions on how to do it yourself. yes. love it.

well off to put finishing touches on the kits for my class. which i now believe is full. cannot believe it is happy!

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