Tuesday, 10 June 2008

productive day

rain can be refreshing.

the cloudy day yesterday was perfect for the zoo. most of the animals were out and easy to spot.

and since we can't go outside, it is fun to do stuff we haven't done since...uh....i can't even say the "W" word....

and i got a scrapbook page done for Aidans' album. i did have one problem. i used Ranger dimensional paint for a chickie eye (i'll upload the page tomorrow). then i forgot it was still wet. i usually do the wet stuff at the very end anyway. then i added some rub-on words. and totally got my hand into the paint and up my wrist and "stamped" a couple of dots on the page! and you would think i'd feel the wet paint. yeah. you'd think. sigh. at least it was repairable. there is nothing like working hard on a page and then doing something nutty like that! maybe i'll get the silly things out of my system and not do something embarrassingly stupid on Saturday. i'd like that. a lot.

and tonight while i waited for the kids to go to bed i came across some photos from the weekend. and this one was screaming photoshop. ooops, no that was my kids. anyways i just wanted to do something to it.

this is the photo. yes you may see that i did some photoshopping on this one already. but just the crop and the edges.

then i lowered the saturation level. copied it. used a low opacity on the soft light on the copy. then flattened my image. more edgework. i think it makes it more rustic looking.

same photo as above. except i added a soft blur to the entire photo. which softened it. go figure.

i may try to clone out the water jug in the window next. or not.

it is a fun one. no faces to have to worry about distorting.

i love that it tells a story.

and yes i'm sure you will see this one on a future scrapbook page. how could i resist?

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