Friday, 1 August 2008

some time

to work on projects.

does this one look familiar?

i started this mini-album in April. probably have had the paper and materials since March. and it was the line that Making Memories brought out for February. and yes i have looked at the calendar. it's ready for next year! actually i like the hearts and paper combination. i tried to stick to the red/black/white or cream theme. it is more of a family album. just of stuff that we have cherished lately. that may have been a better title. but when it takes six months to complete a little album like this....things can change!

today is just a peak. tomorrow i'll show you all of the pages.

and a note to the rest of you....covering chipboard with paper, then sanding is A LOT OF WORK and VERY TIME CONSUMING. especially with all the heart details. next time i'm using paint. or glimmer mist?

and now for the completed baby calendar album for baby Leo.

i changed the "o" a bit. i felt it needed to stand out a bit more than it was.

for the binding i used 6 zip-ties. in the past i've had them bound at Staples. but i wanted to try something different. i like how it worked out.

this album would have been completed a lot sooner. i've had printer troubles. we figure we ran the black ink too low and now it is taking FOREVER to adjust. we just hope that it does adjust. this time around i used brown ink. and i like the look of it with the blue and the paper better. so this problem worked out for the best!

i had an extra page. so i used some plain cardstock and made some space for photos. i even left room to slip photos under the cardstock. i'm so thoughtful ;)

the last page. used some of the provocraft printed masking tape. that is neat stuff! i considered using it to bind the album too.

thought i'd share the card too. since you're here.

i'll post the rest of the "love is" album tomorrow.

thanks for looking!!

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