Tuesday, 16 December 2008


i finally completed my "year in review" album.

it has been converted to the book format.

now i just have to wait for it to arrive in the mail.

it's a good mix of nervous anticipation and excitement.

here is the final page:

i kept it simple. we're pretty short on time here these days.

here are a few more:

if you want to make a photo album unique....but don't want to mess with software programs or glue...
ONE.... go to a website, like shutterfly or photobook canada and use their templates. a new company is called scrapblog. all you need to do is decide which kind of book you want. then pick your photos. the designer of the book has done all the work for you.
Wilna is making her December countdown album in digital format. she is also making the templates available for free. they are cute and unique. she designed the artwork on my blog banner. go here for the tips, etc.
or TWO.... you have some photo software. some knowledge of putting pictures on to paper and adding ribbon or buttons...digitally! if you want to tackle an album with minimal stress....pick a kit that has templates for a book. then pick a kit that includes paper and all the embellishments that you love. and stick to those kits to make it easier on yourself. my kit had 20 pages. my album has 48 pages. some got doubled. but i know i won't be able to figure it out! i also purchased a paper kit...i didn't want to add many embellishments, since the book templates had some. my paper kit had 10 papers in total. that is all i used.
there are LOTS of websites that sell digital products. and some offer free stuff!
this time i went to DesignerDigitals. no complaints so far.
i have dabbled in digital products that i downloaded for free. tried them and got comfortable. decided i liked it. no sense putting money into something when you aren't sure if it is right for you. and when you have a choice....
have fun!
if you give it a try...please send me a link so that i can enjoy your pages too.
lets hope that i'll be able to do more Christmas crafting this week besides wrapping presents...

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