Tuesday, 16 December 2008

on the calendar

how come i never heard of this before?!

i just read that this year is the 10th anniversary.


this morning while i was doing my blog reading....i was here....and read about this:

how fun is that?!
the trains run across north america. decorated for the season. collecting food for food banks.
i was so sad to learn that the scheduled stop for us was last Friday. that would have been a hilight for some certain children i know.
now that i know about it...we'll have to make sure we see it next year!
and here is a creative post....
came across this today.
if you really want home-made cards....and you love photos...this is perfect!
i had a fun time last night. it was needed after the heavy emotional week last week. perfect timing. i took the plunge and tried organizing a class at my house. i'm still learning how to go about this and do it right. i had made a banner that i thought would make a great class at the store. we'll just say that did not work out. but a couple of friends that wouldn't normally take a class at a store came out. it was a small group and fun to chat and laugh together.
i am nearly done my year-in-review album too. i kept it very simple. can't go wrong with simple. i'll get it in the mail after Christmas....so hard to wait that long! wondering how it will actually look in print.... {you can see two of my pages here - and one page here} i have to say that cleaning up after doing digi-scrapping is not too bad. turn off the computer and walk away! if i didn't have so many scrapping supplies....or loved to create with my hands....i would go to just digital. mostly because i think it is very environmentally friendly....and does not require much space in a home. you can tell where my mind is these days....just wishing that Santa could bring us more space! like that will happen...

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