Monday, 24 August 2009

say: cheese

as my kids sing....."chuck e. cheeses', where a kid can be a kid!"

they have been lucky little ducklings this summer, as we went three times in two months. one of which was to celebrate our fourteenth wedding anniversary!! yup. {of course my sweet husband and i also celebrated on our own, at a restaurant that was not child friendly, while the kiddoes enjoyed the company of grandparents.}

they got their own little cups of tokens and played and played. every time we go....except maybe the third time?! lol we got a picture sketched. this one is soooo cute of the two of them!

probably one of the simplest and plainest layouts i've done in a very long time too. love that cosmo cricket paper.

and the pinwheel was super easy too. i've seen the on a lot of layouts recently. LOVE them! very summery and fun. i think this double-sided paper is especially perfect for this pinwheel. i remember my mom making us some using pencils and pins. good times.

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