Saturday, 22 August 2009

digi playing

today is a happy day! following another couple of very happy days.

my dilemna has been resolved. the layouts are in the proper hands and i am breathing a sigh of relief. although the magazine will probably see my name in the future and second guess inviting the parcel-crazy-lady to share her artwork! ugh. after having an other important parcel "lost" i guess i allowed myself the paranoia of it happening again?

and the other happy news....

my sweet, dear and talented husband installed a bright light above my scrap desk. i have been loving the extra space...and so have my kiddos because they like to do crafts alongside me. but the light was so dim, and with the daylight decreasing it has been tough to work after the kids are in bed. that translates to no work! when he finished he told me that i was welcome to take the entire night to scrapbook to my heart's content under the perfect light. so i did!!

i guess you could say i had some mojo that had to let loose? a card. three layouts. i'll share pics this week.

then i still had time to spare!

so i did some digi-scrapping. i really need to do photo-editing and send some to get printed. somehow i really wanted to play!

i designed my own template and used some SOC pics from Easter.

this is what my template looked like:

it got me to thinking of doing this for some 4x6 or 5x7 that i want to print out. i am really loving the new trend to use more than one photo on a layout. using templates would sure make things quicker, i'm thinking.

then i had to use a recent photo and just do a layout.

for the past few months i've been loving Wilna's digital stuff. isn't it amazing? this hardly compares to her work, but it did inspire this layout of mine. i used some of Katie Pertiet's grunge brushes to put this one together. DesignerDigitals is one of my favourite spots these days. when i have time.
it is a good day when i have had a chance to get my hands covered in glue and glitter. make a mess with paper and ribbon. AND practice some new skills on my laptop while i watch old movies.
thanks for your prayers with my little drama. i'm ever so grateful for the encouragement and congratulations i've received. i could not have taken this step alone. i hope that i have inspired you today....if not click on any of the links on my won't be disappointed!

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