Tuesday, 17 November 2009

240 cards + art

you read right. i think they filled their "quota" for the next 3 years! they wouldn't stop. they kept making more and more and more. to their credit i did take over the kitchen table the week prior because of some of my projects. i promised them that they could have the table for the entire day on Saturday. they made sure i lived up to that promise.

Sunday was the day of the big sale. this year, Aidan stayed to help out. he loved it! he now wants us to buy tables so that we can sell cards out of our garage this summer. so that we could take a bunch of money to the fundraiser next year. WOW!! he and Kiara have always enjoyed making cards. {when they stop enjoying it, or need a break then they stop and go do something else they enjoy} however this was the first year that he had the understanding of people buying the cards so that the money could be donated to the Stollery Children's Hospital. he had a bigger understanding of the process and the imporance behind the cards.


this was their table. next year i think i will need to request TWO if they make that huge quantity again.
we had about ten artists. in total we had 8 tables filled with cards and art. amazing.

we displayed each of the kids art with their photo and one of their favourite toys. i love the creativity he put into his cards. some were done one at a time like the space card and the snowboy card. others, like the heart on green paper at the back were done in a production line. the only time i needed to help him was if there were rub-ons or ribbon involved.

to help Kiara out we keep a lot of stickers for her to use. she really surprised me with the improvement in her use of stamps and paper punches. those red hearts on the owl card on the top right were done by her. she thought the plastic swirls looked like mouths...that got some interesting designs! she also loves layering.

soon enough Aidan will be asking for big cameras. check out those photos he took this summer. on. his. own. yup! Kris and i are still amazed.

Dr. Patch Up, the official Stollery bear came out to say hello. he was very proud of the hard work.
we have so much to learn from our kids. they were so excited when they saw someone choose one of their cards. truth be told, so were the parents! {of course we were excited when any card was taken home....but you know what i mean!}

post a comment if you would like to make a donation. i'd love to mail or drop off a card to you. and so would the kids! 

we are gearing up for next year. between the kids and the parents we are not short of ideas! haha!! this was the third year of the event. each year is a little different. the best part is that we have had more kids voice their interest for the next year.

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