Friday, 20 November 2009

Christmas Cards....again!

i made a pact with myself.

"must use all scrapbook supplies and not save for a special project"
i remind myself of it often.

time to pull out the papers and put them to use before they fall apart on my shelves! seems silly to not use paper because i love it too much.


i really love double sided paper like this for cards. the solid colour is light enough that you can still write your greeting on the inside. yes, i could have gotten more creative....but i had to whip these babies out quickly.


these all have plain ordinary white cardstock as the base.

these are card sets for a playschool silent auction. just like the ones in the previous post. 18 cards in an afternoon. not a bad record.

i am still trying to figure out  my own style. trying to see if i actually do fit into a style! i prefer to think of my work as the style of the month. at least it seems to sway and change like the weather here in Alberta.

did i mention anything about my card evening with the ladies church group? i designed 3 cards for the ultra low cost of $5 per set. it was done. i liked how they turned out. of course at that cost, the only supplies you get are for the cards and no extra stuff to take home. they also got a great deal because i brought many of my own tools to share....since not too many of them do this on their own. i cut out every sheet of paper including some decorative edges with my paper punches. everyone had the same stuff to work with.

here is where it got interesting.

if you think of everyone having the same supplies....then all the cards would have been identical.

nope! not this time.

a few cards were identical to my samples. but the majority were not.

i think it was AMAZING how these ladies {many who claimed to not be creative} managed to come up with very unique cards! the paper was double-sided, so that helped. i did bring an assortment of stamps. papers were trimmed a bit more, or cut with decorative scissors or folded differently....more or less ink used.

it was a fabulous reminder that making cards or scrapbook pages is an expression of the person creating them. there is no right way to do it!


they worked away. sometime chatting and laughing. sometimes being so silent that the only noise was paper being cut or folded. {did i mention there were 24 ladies in the room?}

i love that they left refreshed and happy. not once did i hear someone say that they did not like their creation. how wonderful that they felt confident enough to celebrate their unique styles.

it was inspiring and filled my creative brain with more ideas to keep them sharing and accepting themselves (and each other!)

it isn't just about the paper. it is also about the HEART.

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  1. these are really cute cards! i think i can see a common style running through them all. once you find your style and realize what you're most comfortable using .. it's a good thing :)


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