Sunday, 22 November 2009

new lens

my first camera was a Christmas present when i was in grade nine. it was a 110. remember those?
i took photos of my cats. my friends. my family. they are fun to look at now. back when you could print 3 1/2 by 5 as a regular print...and 4x6 was an option you had to request.

i was sooo thrilled when we bought our Sony Cyber-Shot right before Aidan was born. i still like that camera! but it has a permanent place in my purse so that i don't miss those great camera moments that occur when no camera is nearby. i just need to remember to keep it charged. and download the photos on a more regular basis.

a few years ago Kristian surprised me when he said i was ready for something bigger. for our anniversary we settled on a Nikon D80. i'm still learning new things with it. the tough part is trying to learn new things and retain the old information! it is a lesson in patience. thank goodness for the auto setting when i am in a pinch!

i asked for a $30 macro lens. i read that you can just screw it on to the end of my lens for those macro pics. it is an economical option. it should be noted that i am not the electronic or computer genius of the family! Kristian found the 105mm Micro-Nikkor lens instead. i think he is secretly enjoying me have to learn new photo stuff!! one of these days i'll find a way to prove it. it took a day to prove to myself that this lens was a good option. for me. oh the joys of learning.


i am impressed that it can capture fine details like the scratches in my wedding rings.


these are the Martha Stewart clear micro beads. {the background is a project i had nearby....a printout from one of Wilna's coffee cup albums...great background isn't it?!}

i just finished a busy busy couple of weeks. not sure if i could have squeezed more into such a short time. i am looking forward to some time now to work on some Christmas crafts. by myself. and with the kiddos.

i am also looking forward to sharing some exciting news in the next week. let's just say that i had some goals set for myself creatively this year. now they are being realized. right before it's time to set more goals for myself! fun stuff!!

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