Wednesday, 30 December 2009

i managed to finish up some last minute Christmas gifts.

now that i've made one of these cute calendars....i want to keep going!!

{you can get the links to the downloads here}


look familiar? i just downloaded the calendar. printed off all 12 months on white cardstock. cut it up following the premade crop marks. each month has a different  scrap of patterned cardstock. it is quite tiny. however you could still fit a few wallet size photos on for each month.

according to the designer of the calendar template, she suggested using a CD holder. i probably have several tucked into a few boxes. however, i thought i'd try something on my own.

i cut a piece of chipboard. it was something like 4 by 12 inches. (just a hair wider than the calendar template)
then i scored the chipboard at 5 1/2 inches on either end. folded the ends upwards.


i covered the raw sides with some lovely jillibean soup cardstock.

my little zutter bind-it-all finished the job for me.


i also added scrap papers to the reverse sides of the white cardstock. just to make it look cute from both sides!

someone had given me a blank calendar this year. it had been kicking around for awhile. it was time to use it!

i used letter stickers for every month. it was a good reminder that i have way more than i need! i do wish that the manufacturers would add ten extra "a's" and "e's". i could use more of the remaining letters if i had those extras! like, every sheet of letter stickers has nearly every a or e missing!!!

for the days, i used my number stamps. turns out i have a rainbow of stamp colours too.


i will get a brand new nephew or niece in June!! my one regret is not buying double of the october afternoon baby papers. but the hambly overlay....they are perfect.

at the moment, we have decided to do some house rearranging. after a great deal of contemplation and sweat from carrying my supplies up and down scrap area is now getting moved to the main floor of the house. i have an awesome set-up in our basement. unfortunately i tend to bring my supplies to the kitchen table and work from there. terrible lighting in the basement, not to mention the lack of inspiration from the concrete floor and insulated walls.

we've moved the kids' toys upstairs. i still loved the main floor playroom, but it didn't seem to be utilized as much as we thought. every kid who entered the house knew it was a place to play....however some of our friends still have smallish kids. most of the toys in the room happned to be the kind that belonged to lego or playmobile sets...and tiny! it seemed wrong to taunt little kids with toys and then not let them play with them!

we shall see how this new set up works out. fortunately we did like a lot of the options out there, and had a really difficult time making a final decision. have i mentioned that we both have this little tendency to over-think minor issues like this?! Ikea came through for us again. this time i discovered the "shopping list" option. how sweet was that. listed the item name, number, price AND where you could find it. as well as the final dollar amount.

sooo excited to set it up!

then i can work on my monthly layouts in style.

but not before i post photos of the area BEFORE the mess begins. i also have some cool announcements to make this week. sooooo excited about those too!!

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