Sunday, 3 January 2010

one more day

until this wonderful holiday ends.

i spent some time throughout the day using my new scrap space. it was the first time i had ever scrapped right after i crawled out of bed....before i had coffee! there should have been a loud gong or news bulletin for that decision. truly.

then after breakfast, i was back in there.

most of the afternoon. except for when i left to play games with the kids. but then we all went back together.

after supper.


all of that and i not once thought to take a photo of the room!

the best part was to finish a layout that i started at least 2 months ago. yes, the last layout i started for my own personal books. i had a lot of trouble getting inspired with it. must have been the gloomy basement?!

no, i lied. the BEST part was starting and completing TWO more layouts. again stuff for my own books. cheers for that. i admit that there are too many days when i make layouts that i felt didn't quite turn out as i had hoped. it just makes those days when everything works so much brighter. that was today. i will take photos tomorrow and share with you in internet-land. one of the layouts is one of my favourite photos i took this summer. and the other one nearly makes me cry. i guess i hit all the emotions tonight.

confession. i collect far too much sentimental stuff to use on layouts. more than i could possibly use. i also fall in love too easily with paper and all the goodies that belong with it. then i hoard them! just because it is tough to make that first cut...

what i have learned. no matter how amazing the new paper is and how badly i want to wallpaper all my walls with it, there will always be better stuff coming out. cut myself some slack and use it! the worst case scenario is that i don't like what i did. sounds much like reality? go with it.
then that pile of stuff that has been collecting for so long? well, i'm still working on that one. at least i am trying. i finally threw out the pile of fortunes we collected on special family trips to the local chinese buffet. they somehow lost their humor. so did the bottle caps from the Jones Soda bottles. yup. talk about a junkie. my plan is to make a quick decision when i come across these crazy "treasures". don't just leave it there....throw it out or file it where it will get used in the next month.

i was inspired. by wilna. can't remember when she shared it. may have been the Making Memories blog. she has the coolest scrapbook room. it's beautiful and functional. one phrase she said has stuck with me, "if i can't find it in {a certain period of 30 seconds to a minute...can't recall exactly} then it is time to purge because i have too much stuff." wish i could recall exactly....but she got me thinking...
i am lucky to have some kids who like to create their own paper creations. for now, it goes to them and then hopefully given as a gift to someone who will appreciate it {or used for their own enjoyment until it falls apart and ends up in the great trash pile}.

as i moved into my new space i kept it in my head to keep it basic. use the supplies to keep it pretty. don't let it get overcrowded.

it was just over a year ago that i knew i was ready for a room of my own. i'm so lucky that it was possible to do that in this home. a blessing. {although i still have 2 artists that like to join me in it. they want a desk of their own. oh dear.}

i now have space for the albums. {would you believe that this is the FIRST time they have had a space of their own?} my kids thought they won the lottery! it was really cute. will i seriously use those stickers i bought 2 years ago?

i think Aidan thought i was totally nuts. after he collected his loot, i told him that i was going to practice sharing. as long as he asked, he would be welcome to look through my collection of scrapbooking supplies. no corner not off limits. he was also told not to make a mess as he was doing his shopping too. this has worked fine, until he picked up a brand new sheet of BasicGrey! haha! i think he has learned that not all the big sheets will become his property immediately. however, he has found several gems that made his day.

i really do need to share some of their art. you will enjoy it.

so lots of words.

photos tomorrow. to make up for it! {wink} {cross my heart!}

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