Monday, 11 January 2010



my family has a thing with fortune cookies and also bottle cap fortunes. for awhile i meant to make a scrapbook layout with all the crazy ones we've had.

we are not into believing whatever the written type says. that includes the horoscope.

however we always get a giggle out of what we read. it is usually positive and very generic.

how can you not smile when you read this phrase?!

we had a busy weekend. not much time to put our feet up and just hang. but lots of time for fun! we had a company holiday party. {how smart to have one of those after the busy Christmas season of endless parties. also to has one our vote of most original and creative. this years' theme was Go Blue or Go Bald. let's just say that it was a safe theme. every year they fundraise dollars for the Stollery Children's Hospital.} we had 2 family birthday parties.

i am looking forward to a fun and creative week. i've got some kitting to start for my January class. some supplies for the February class. design team kit. Pat, Roslyn and i were a crazy combination thinking of all the stuff that we could try. after my meeting, my brain has been tingling with fun ideas to try. this is my favourite part...playing with the ideas...testing to see what works....the challenges keep me humming.

so i should have some fun stuff to post soon enough.

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