Sunday, 3 January 2010

a room nearly all my own

this is the best scrapbook space i have ever had the luxury of working in!


it is so bright and cheery. i get inspired just sitting in here. i've already accomplished a lot.

so far i haven't had any trouble keeping it tidy. wait until i have another big deadline...then that scene may change! {since i've had children...this is as clean as it gets}

the chair with the teddy bear? that corner will eventually have a child size table for the kids. some days they like to get creative with me.


i did say that it was a room nearly all my own. thankfully there is enough space for sharing!

my sewing machine and cricut are nearby. there are even outlets available in that corner.


i {heart} this desk!

those drawers are perfect. seriously a really good buy.

initially we had a 2metre by 60cm table top. it was lllooonnnngggg. i was ready to live with it. my dear hubby thought it made the room look awkward. the saint of a man, loaded it back into the car, returned it (which he hates doing anyway) and came home with this one. with some discussion we chose this one online together. it literally ties the black and white in the room together. i am so glad he's so smart. and talented. and devoted. and patient.


yes, Kristian installed each of those EIGHT drawers himself! can i describe how awesome they are?!

hard to believe that i once could fit all my supplies on to one shelf. then it grew to a tote. now this. i have decided to always keep just enough supplies to fit in this room. if i bring in something new....i have to make sure i use something up or purge.

my other news is that i was just hired to work a few Friday late night crops at Urban Scrapbook. i'm excited to work with the amazing Heather Prins. she is so inspiring. i'm also looking forward to meeting the fun groups of ladies who like to party with paper and glue! good times ahead.

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