Monday, 29 March 2010

got advice

if you read my previous post, you may recall reading that CS4 is making a big impression on me.

i have already experimented with the Pioneer Woman's actions. {so happy to finally be able to use them...admired them for a long, long time!!} hooray!

i also go to CoffeeShop for a few of her actions. i was always so happy to have them in PSE. {and besides, how can you go wrong with a name like 'coffee' as part of the title?}

as for actions i also manipulated a few on my own. it always helped to have found a few tutorials in books and online to point me in the right direction.

i do still need to transfer my brush/abr files over. i had not anticipated the ease of adding the actions into CS...never would have anticipated the 30 seconds it took. for real! if you have ever done that task in PSE, you totally know the length of time i'm talking about.

the question for the day. or week. {my kids are on spring break --- insert happy dance --- and i'm not sure if i will have time to be blogging - but i will be reading other posts for sure!}

any recommendations for good sites to get quality actions, brushes, templates, etc?

do share!

i think it would be worthy of a post to link the favourites.

honestly i feel like the change from PSE to CS is like going from a 2-speed pedal bike to a 21-speed road bike. they will still take you to the same places, but the road bike will take you there faster and with less wasted energy! i came up with that comparison when i was trying to explain it to my husband. can you tell he likes cycling? 

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