Wednesday, 28 April 2010

working away

the calendar doesn't lie. but man is it going too flippin' fast!

i had a fun night at work with Lynette last Friday. {and here this Friday is almost here!} a former "student-parent" came in to shop that night. her oldest son was in my homeroom class in grade 4, and i taught her youngest Social Studies when he was in grade 4. yup, they are now big grown up boys. the oldest graduated and the youngest is about to. she was thrilled to learn that i now had my own two kids. she is still the same sweet mom she was back then. it feels like it was just yesterday.

there have been so many new products flying in through the store doors. this week they got a ton of more product. i just need to bribe my kids to let me do some shopping. ha!

i am soooo excited for the weekend. it is National Scrapbooking day on Saturday, and Urban is also celebrating its 5th birthday. i get to work a few hours here and there. isn't it great that i am looking forward to working?! they have some amazing plans for the customers and croppers.

speaking of Urban Scrapbook. i finished my layout a few days ago. would you believe the sun went behind the clouds moments before i put on my finishing touches? so not thrilled with the photo quality. the clouds brought drenching rain with it, so i can forgive the weather. actually i am hoping we can keep this rain coming for a few more days.


it is the brand new PinkPaislee Queen Bee line. it had stripes and polka dots. my favourite. i surprised myself and used the flower side this time. i don't know what has come over me! the word was "because". i spent a long time looking over recent photos and couldn't make up my mind. i even staged a few photo shoots with the kids. nothing fit the word. then i found these photos. they could not have been more perfect for the paper. nothing like a bit of a perfectionist attitude to complicate a task! the largest photo was our "Christmas card photo" this year. the smaller photos were taken while i was setting up the camera. it does get a bit tricky but right now the kids enjoy waiting for the timer to take the photo for us. fun memories.

i included my journaling with the title : {most of the time} we enjoy each other and have fun like friends, not just because we are family

our family goal is to like being together. laugh. enjoy.

as i was working on this layout both Aidan and Kiara were also working on their own scrapbook pages. (so cute!) they finished their pages, and started to colour in a colouring book together. side my side.

Aidan: "Kiara, i love you."

Kiara: "i love you too, Aidan."

Aidan: "i'm glad you are my sister. i would be so lonely without you."

Kiara: "thank you."

it melted my heart. this will always be a special layout as it will also remind me of their "private" conversation of love.


a few years ago, i made an entire globe of these flowers for a Christmas ornament. i still love it. a perfect way to use your favourite paper. last week i spotted a layout that had the individual flowers on a project. of course i can't recall which blog it was. anyways, i thought they would be awesome with this paper. which perhaps is why i ended up using the flowers instead of stripes and dots.

another happy surprise for me was to discover that 2 of my newest EKSuccess edge punches coordinate perfectly. lately i have a thing for scallops.

i also messed up on my journaling. which is why i had to use a label to hide the mess. sigh.

i have other layouts to share. but i'll wait for a sunbeam to help get good colour!

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