Tuesday, 8 June 2010

rainy day = scrappy day

only a scrapbooker understands that comment!

i finished some outstanding projects last week. had to get my supply lists and item list for my upcoming classes. i also worked on some of the instructions. i also agreed to make some flowers for one of my students whom i met the Saturday before. {hi JoAnn!} i worked the late night crop at Urban on Friday too. surrounded by new deliveries and creative people. helping and admiring the girls as they created page after page that night.

by Monday morning i was anxious to make some layouts for the family album. there were some photos i had printed as options for past layouts in the recent months, but had not gotten picked for those projects. so many of my layouts have been really time intense, so it was fun to put something together in less time! i really love to do fussy cutting and add tiny details. however i was ready to do some more simple layouts. they certainly don't go into the "my most favourite" category....but i'm happy enough! it really was more of a need to cut and glue, with the purpose of using photos i liked. ha!!

from 9am to noon, i made 2 layouts. then after supper i made 2 more. for me, that would be a record. i honestly don't think i could get faster than that.


i LOVE October Afternoon paper. it doesn't always love me with the same kind of passion. until i met Thrift Shop. i think it actually likes me?! Pink Paislee and i have the same kind of relationship. i used both of them together. maybe that was the trick?


i used some gesso to lighten the paper and let my journaling pop.


very handy to have it highlight a word i wanted to stand out too.

as i look at the layout....i think i could have gotten away with more of it.

next time!


pinwheels! after Aidan saw this he wanted to know how to make one too. then Kiara also wanted her own. it was a good thing supper was yummy leftovers and just needed to be microwaved. that and soccer being cancelled.

i also have enjoyed adding ink to my photos. you can see it in this photo too.


this was the best title i could think of at the time. i thought it sounded old-fashioned.

i was so happy to learn that the old music paper from October Afternoon can be cut into 6x6 sections without sacrificing any of the paper. very cool. now it actually looks like a page from an old book!!


LOVE the new Maya Road tags. and their newest flowers. and the Bazzill bling button. and the pins. and the keys. okay. every little thing on this page is something i totally love. no doubt it won't surprise you that this was MY most favourite page i created yesterday!


the photo edges were sanded and inked. who needs photoshop?! ha!! no i wouldn't go that far!


i picked up the Tim Holtz pad of paper twice before buying it. on two separate days. it is the only product i have purchased that even made Kris impressed!

i brought out every {almost every} masculine embellishment i could think of. or find. still it is missing something. more paper from the pad? the cards were from Daisy D, but i inked and painted them with rock candy paint. then i dropped ink on them. maybe some tin from 10SecondStudio? or some embossing? to make up for it, i added some journaling. Aidan has a very special relationship with his dad. he may very well follow in some of his Dad's footsteps too.


then i got super duper simple. Basic Grey meet October Afternoon.

and My Mind's Eye. and Making Memories.

this layout surprised me the most. even with the cutting, it was still the fastest layout of the day. usually the simple layouts take the longest for me. maybe it just comes down to practice?


for me, it was hard to just stop here. i kept thinking of adding more.

maybe it's the title that does the trick?

today i am making flowers. and trying new techniques. nothing larger than that. this is the perfect way to spend a rainy day. the kids have been so cooperative too. being stuck indoors, they have re-discovered toys that have been forgotten in recent days. i love win-win days like this!

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