Monday, 11 October 2010

October inspiration

our plans for the day had us all in high anticipation for an Oil Kings hockey game today. the youth group at our church sold tickets to the game as a fundraiser. part of the deal was an hour of ice time after the game. how awesome is that!!

Kiara has never worn skates and Aidan needed a new pair. off we went to suit them up.


last night was one of those brutal nights that kept Aidan awake for a good portion of it. poor kid has had so many colds back to back since he started grade one. this one was a doozy. fever, chills and nausea. yuck! he slept for most of the morning....totally odd for this active boy. since the fever was worse after he awoke there was no way we could feel responsible about taking him out.

so off went Kiara and her daddy to the hockey game, while Aidan and i tooted off to the medicentre. fortunately it was quiet and we didn't have to wait for long. just to find out that it appears to be a virus and just keep doing what we're doing. great.

he laid on the couch watching movies the rest of the afternoon, while i sipped my Toffee Mocha and crafted.

i bought this Making Memories hanging garland kit awhile back. i thought it would be fun to put together. as it turned out i'm glad i did it on my own. it would have been frustrating having the kids help. fishing line, glue dots and acetate. enough said?! Kiara noticed it as soon as she walked in the door and gave her approval. my sweetheart.

check this out! i could totally make this paper spider with the kids. well. i should say help them make it!

i discovered last night (10 days into it!) that Scraplovers blog is having the 31 days of Halloween. there are some really cool projects shared here. 

i am fully inspired to make my own altered 7Gypsies tray like the one shown here. then i could totally change it out for the seasons....oooohhhhh!

never mind this spooky mantel. oh. wow. 

this shadowbox is also inspiring. 

it seems like the halloween themes are really far ranging this year. LOTS of variety. fun stuff!

i have one last birthday party to decorate for. LEGO theme!! the invites are made and i love how they turned out. i also came across a really cool LEGO cake that i want to try. i know my limits and will not attempt the ones here. you can even get an authentic LEGO cake mould! (just not in canada)

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