Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter!

so it seems that SPRING may have officially arrived in town. so happy it is here, but now i can't wait for all the snow to disappear. i also can't wait for the first spring rain to wash away the snow mould and dust.

last year i was pretty excited to clean my dusty windows and screens {....which the previous owner didn't bother to do when she moved out!} only to have those clean windows covered in more dust when the nearby fields were seeded, and the screens covered with tree "fluff" a few weeks later. not one to do more work than necessary.....i will wait awhile longer and live with the dirty windows so that i only need to wash them once this year!

i was also blessed with seasonal allergies. a gift that i apparently passed on to our son. another reason for a spring rain to wash away the snow mould. i want to open our windows and enjoy the warmer spring air....but don't want any extra allergens in the house. sucks to be us! itchy throats are not at the top of our list.

slowly trying to get back into routines. i had forgotten what a good holiday does!

i know it is nearly May, but i had not shared this earlier. we had some major computer issues last month that finally got solved right before our holiday. apparently i am very computer dependent. ha!


i think i mentioned that the Urban Scrapbook Design Team had to complete this page in record time. looking at the pages, however, tell a different story. they look like we spent weeks on them. (well...maybe not mine but the others on the wall!) this months' pages are my favourite. the technique was to do stamping. i think every stamping on paper and tissue technique was used by all of the layouts. you can see a different technique on every one of them. amazing work.

this photo is of Kiara from a few years ago. this girl LOVES her chocolate. it was the first time she had eaten a Cadbury Easter Cream Egg. i sooo need to work on adding journaling to my layouts.

Pat has had me doing the store Make and Takes lately. they are a lot of fun. for some reason paper and glue gets us all giggling. ha! i love that scrapbooking is such an enjoyable hobby. i also love that fun people also share this hobby with me.


this is the easiest Easter craft ever!

those bright plastic eggs that are found in abundance these days? use that as your base. just wrap the Tim Holtz Tissue Tape around it, so that the bright plastic is covered by the tissue. it's cool that it looks like a paper mache project....but without the gluey mess.

the tissue tape looks cute on it's own. however some ink can totally add some character to them. any ink will work. use your favourite ink pad and rub on some dry ink. mist it with some Ranger Colour Wash. rub on some Distress Stain, then wipe off the excess with a paper towel. or dab on some alcohol inks. every ink will produce a bright or muted colour. it all depends on your preference.

we decided that it needed some glitz. we rubbed on some stickles to cover the surface. the stickles reacts with dry ink and makes it bare in some spots, and doubles up the ink in others. with the faint colours, it makes a neat vintage effect.

i have been wrapping eggs in my spare time and filling a wire egg basket i picked up at HomeSense in the winter.

Pat thought up another cool option. we cut off a portion of a steel kitchen scrubber and inked it with some alcohol inks. (any combination of colours will work) then if you pull out some of the wires it totally looks like a nest for the egg! how cute to use an entire scrubber and line the bottom of a shallow basket...then fill it with the tissue paper eggs.....hmmmmm......

it's a cute craft and very quick to complete.

i have been struggling this week with creative block on my layouts. i have a few that i need/want to get done and i'm probably stressing out too much over it. i had hoped to have all my creative ideas erupt on a few pages and be thrilled with the result. ha! in. my. dreams. instead nothing creative came to my brain. after a few days, it has been getting increasingly annoying. the good side is that my house is clean. i say that because when i am busy working on crafts....the house cleaning makes its' way to the bottom of my to do list. the basics get done....but after a week of notes from school, art projects, toys, books, etc....the place looks like a bomb went off! and we won't even mention what my craft area looks like.

today i am going to work on some layouts that i hope will get my creative juices flowing again. projects that i don't have to share if i hate! ha! i think it is just time to mess around and not worry if the final outcome is "perfect". wish me luck. {'cause i know i will need all the luck i can get!}

my final back up plan is to pretend i have nothing that needs to get done, and just take advantage of the clear skies to take photos. or organize something else that has been ignored. hopefully i will not jump the gun on the window washing....

i wish you a Blessed Easter.


  1. happy Easter Roxanne! And congrats on all the craft stuff showing up on magazines and you tube!
    You rock!

  2. This is just gorgeous! Just found you from the Glitz challenge. Lovely work..LOVE your blog.

  3. Your layout is so pretty! I love how you've cut out the roses from patterned paper, and super great use of that cute Whatnot!! Thanks for joining in on the "Get Your Glitz On" challenge this month!

  4. Absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for joining us for the first Get your Glitz on Challenge!!


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