Saturday, 14 May 2011


dreams are the touchstone of our character. {Henry David Thoreau}

nothing happens unless we first dream. {Carl Sandberg}

one of my friends recently asked me if i knew of any quotes about mothers. {just one of those questions the "community scrapbook lady" gets!} my advice was to ask 'Google'. if i can choose a key word - like 'mom', then i will type 'mom quotes' or 'mom poems'.

i suppose i could bookmark BrainyQuote or ThinkExist or QuoteGarden....but i find this is the easiest. i type in my search once and then let the google search list all the links in one spot.

that is my solution to finding quotes. what is yours?

i nervously joined a group of super talented ladies for a tag swap at Urban Scrapbook. on the positive side i am sooo excited to get their tags into my hands! anyways it is a fun challenge and perfect to try out new techniques or products. that keeps me happy!


the challenge was to create a tag with a monochromatic theme. and we had to include a quote {which i had totally forgotten about and had to fix my mistake!}

this was my quote. i would say it was my biggest challenge. only because i had assembled the entire tag already and had to make it fit. if you try this, do the opposite of what i did!


i pretty much love all the colours and struggle to pick a favourite. i went through my paper stash and picked out favourite papers. i realized that most of them had a teal colour to them and went with that. {most of them were only 3/4 used and i had been hoarding them.....should have been my first clue!}

i had been wanting to do ruffles for a while now. i figured this might be a fun project to use them i still can't decide if i used too many punches for ruffles.

it was also during my "ugh - why can't i think of a new way to do this?!" phase. so i went with an old flower technique that has been my favourite and go-to flower for the past year. to be fair, i did try some new stuff, but was not excited or happy with the end result.

aside from my issues of reading the directions was a very good experience. despite still struggling to come up with a new flower technique, it was a huge help to my crafting funk.

more often i need to stop wasting my time pushing the same paper around on my desk and stressing myself out. i need to give myself permission to 'waste time' and make some cards or flowers or bookmarks out of my scraps. for some reason it has been good for me in the past. but i had forgotten how helpful it was. never mind how handy it is to have some cards completed and ready to use!

usually the paper scraps are even coordinated because they were used on a layout or project together. the stress of finding the perfect colours is totally not an issue.

i have been deprived of scrapbooking this past week. i was doing the single parent thing for the entire week and by the evening i was falling asleep at my desk. sleep was most likely a very helpful thing to help survive the week. i had a shift at Urban today and feel revitalized and ready to cut some paper! seriously there is so much amazing product in the store right now. i am trying to plan ahead to make some gifts for my kids' teachers. Aidan's teacher is also a scrapbooker so i thought she might appreciate a unique mini album. i haven't shared it yet, but Graphic45 taught us the coolest mini. i have not finished mine....but i think it will be enjoyed by her. i'm trying to decide between a "school" or generic theme.

once i get a few hours of paper dust under my nails i'll get back to blogging regular again. give me a day or two....or three!

in the meantime....why don't you create a tag following the same rules we had? or a card. or a layout. etc. just be sure to share it!!

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