Sunday, 15 May 2011

one more thing...

i totally forgot to mention that there was a little interview with me on the Urban Scrapbook blog yesterday. you can click here to read all about it! ha! maybe you will learn something new about me?

i guess i could write all about me here too. since it is MY blog... but! i think you will have enough of ME if you read the interview. sooo how about something other than me?! i'll make it good, don't worry.

i think i may have just crawled out from under a rock. i have been introduced (impersonally) to Wendy Vecchi of Studio 490 for the first time this year. she has had some amazing stamp sets for sale for awhile now. if you love inks, stamps and will most definitely want to check out her blog.

in January my class focused on a technique using alcohol inks.

in March it focused on Color Wash.

in April it focused on Distress Stains.

those that have been reading for awhile, or have taken my classes are up to speed on what I know. which is a drop in the bucket compared to all the possibilities.

which is why i am always excited to see posts or learn other uses for some of my favourite inking products.

like now!

i love that Wendy Vecchi has some more samples and tutorials on her blog using these products. i thought i'd post the links here. one tip i learned was to NOT put alcohol ink into a mini mister. which i have done. uh oh. not sure if i'm relieved to know that i am not the only one who has tried it. i figured mixing it with water would be okay....and i made sure i pointed it to the paper....not good enough?

 {sample by Wendy Vecchi}

here is a fabulous post on alcohol inks and using them on different style papers. as well as other uses. for instance swiping the ranger snow cap pigment ink pad across a paper then applying the alcohol inks. i think i need this ink pad. it can do this?! wow.

 {sample by Wendy Vecchi}

i thought this was cool to see another step added to using distress stains. so simple that it makes us ask, "ok. why did i not ever try that?" thank goodness for talented people who are willing to share!

those are her recent posts. i am working on going back into her archived posts. she is now marketing a new product called Clearly for Art. {since January}

as well as some Art Parts. we have them at Urban now. they look so cool! you could use some of them separately on layouts and projects. or use a set to create your own unique art. if you hate how chipboard bends then you will love this alternative. i think they would be really amazing paired with some of those trinkets and such from Tim Holtz, 7Gypsies, Graphic 45 or Melissa Frances to name a few.

to end this post. i did manage to start and finish a project today. in an afternoon! it is a teacher gift 1 of a 100 {so it seems!}. i'll take photos tomorrow and share. back to see if i still have some crafting mojo left in me for today.....

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