Saturday, 7 May 2011

HAPPY national scrapbook day WEEKEND!

it can't be a coincidence that it also landed on Mother's Day weekend.... just for us scrapbookers!

i'm hoping to fit in some bits and pieces of scrapbooking over the weekend. a certain young boy just got a new bike....with gears. then there is this little girl who may want to try to ride her bike without training wheels today. {it is take2 for her....we'll see....} the sky is clear and it looks like it will shape up to a pretty good day. perhaps a walk down to the pond to see if any baby ducks and baby geese are in sight? definitely a day for photos.

bedding plants, planters and hanging baskets are on sale now. i am trying to resist. getting them now means taking care of them until the nights are definitely frost free. i have 4 pansy plants that survived the winter very well and are looking like they want to bloom. maybe they can help me hold out for a few more weeks....

here is the next layout for my Year in Review classes:


i was super sentimental using these papers. Margie is now longer going to be designing the Girl's Paperie and she is moving onto a new venture. i am really hoping she'll take the loveliness and beauty of Girls' Paperie with her. we had a chance to chat with her for good bit at the retailers' convention. she really is sweet and i admire her even more. when i put the pages together i spent time thinking about those conversations and trying to do her designs justice.


she shared again with us her inspiration for the design of the papers. you can read about it here.

these papers are so fun and endless with possibilities. it took me awhile to decide which route to go with them.

the longer i looked at this one page, the more i saw a quilt. a country fair kind of quilt. thus the stitching on it.


so. i HAD to have at least one 'lollie' on the pages. {the truth is that i actually made 4 more....but the pages looked too cluttered with all of them. it was a tough move for me to not keep adding them on!}

our make and take with Margie was a lovely banner that we could personalize. i am thrilled that one of these was able to find a home on the page too.


hanging banners. they make a layout feel carefree and fun! not to mention they can take any shape, form, length....and are easy to create!

one of my drawbacks {i'd list them all....but there isn't enough coffee in the world to keep you here long enough. besides most of us know them, so why go into detail! ha!!} is my lack of journaling on my layouts. serious problem. maybe a goal. for next year! anyways.... part of the Girls' Paperie sticker market set includes TWO pages of words. not every word in the english language. but enough to focus on a short journaling bit. hooray!

because Margie inspired me so much i had to include a final bit of her in it. my two final words in my journaling are "kiss, kiss". Margie ends her blog posts with those 2 words. it seemed fitting because my daughter {whose photos are in this layout} has lately been more affectionate and asking for kisses.


one of my faves. so often the ideas in my head don't work out so well in reality. with some patience and lots of thinking, this one managed to find it's way onto the paper and look how i wanted it to! if only that happened ALL the time. well....maybe it is a good thing not all my ideas get put onto paper. hmmmm.....

so, nothing to scary to learn. right? in class i'll share some ideas to simplify it further. i'll also share some ideas on how you can complicate it even more. no doubt my students will also have some great ideas that i could never have thought of on my own.

there should still be a few spots open. give Urban a call and sign up! the girls in my classes are friendly and welcome new friends to join us. to make some projects....and play with paper and glue for a bit.

i am so excited to be part of the weekend crop at Urban this weekend. the weekend crops are so much fun! no, i'm not scrapbooking. i'm working. "working" at Urban does mean completing some chores.....but it mostly involves helping customers find the perfect products for their special pages. the styles are so varied, so it is fun to be stretched to think outside of my box. it's always inspiring and FUN.

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  1. Hi Roxanne- I love your blog and all of your great projects. I have given you a Stylish Blogger Award. I have put a link to your blog on my blog. Check out my blog for all the details!


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