Wednesday, 25 May 2011

peek - a - boo

here is a sneak of my June layout class.....


can you guess what the technique will be?

we have had a good rain here today. it was great timing for our lawn. i love how the rain makes the colours more intense. everything has become quite dry. which surprises me considering the amount of snow accumulation we had to melt. oh the ironies. {the 'snow mountain' is still melting. i plan to take a photo of it, along with the kids. maybe in their swimsuits?! heehee}

i'm keeping strong today. my baby girl finished her last day of preschool today. next stop: kindergarten. i can't believe we are here already.

next on my agenda: learning to enjoy today and not wishing for yesterday. ha! makes me laugh because some of the "yesterdays" are soooo definitely not worth going back to repeat!! i'm grateful for children who grow and mature. i just need to remember to enjoy each step in this journey with them and be grateful for the present. perhaps more time taking photos of today and less looking back at the old ones for a period of time will help me?

with that said, time to finish some class prep and get those gifts fully finished for our preschool teachers!

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