Tuesday, 24 May 2011


i spent a great deal of time this past week looking at photos of the kids. Aidan had a project at work that required a few photos and it took a bit of searching to find them. i don't have all of them in iPhoto, so it sure makes it tough. i need to think on a strategy that will work for me.

last summer was a bit of a bummer. not so many hot and wonderful days to enjoy. i'm thankful for the photos i did manage to get of the kids.

like this one.....


she tried out a couple of different water guns at my friends' cabin. it was really funny! once they were filled with water she could barely get the coordination and strength to actually soak anyone. however it made her a perfect target.

this page is for the June kit at Urban Scrapbook. our challenge was to use borders. i love that we often get products in our kits that are new to me.....but i also love that we get some that are typical of what i buy. our kits are quite popular. they are fun to try, especially if you are in a slump and just need a change of routine. sometimes a particular embellishment is included that you maybe never thought about using....and you discover it is perfect for you.

as always i am excited to see what the other girls came up with. it's fun to see how we all end up with such different techniques and such. i've always enjoyed trying to guess which layout belongs to which designer. sometimes it is easy and other times it is nearly impossible. of course the photos often are good hints!


as soon as i saw the 'thermometer' design i really wanted to do something like this. the watermelon patter was the perfect size for one of my circle punches...that helped. then i came up with this flower. i love how it worked out....most likely i'll try it on some more layouts too.

pinwheel flowers or lollies or rosettes (depending on who is talking) are perfect for long borders of cardstock. use a border punch and add some interest to the outer edge. it is so amazing how unique it makes them. i think i have had a rosette on every layout for the past few months. can we say 'addiction'? i'm sure there is a support group for others like me out there....


i wasn't sure how to work in the pins at first. i was pretty excited when i came up with this plan. another technique i will have to use again. love it when that happens.

i've been working on teacher gifts too. only because i love to stress myself out and see how much crafting i can squeeze in! eventually i do need to finish that cute fairy configuration box for Kiara's room.

also my next class is this week. hooray! it is a fun one. {i still have a couple of spaces for Saturday morning if you are interested} i was late posting it on 2Peas, and totally overwhelmed by the response. it made it to the top view for the day. so there was more happy dancing going on in our house that day!

a sneak peak of the next class is coming soon too. i'm looking forward to sharing it!

Pat shared a display of the tags we swapped. check it out here. and take a look at her creation here. i love  them! i may totally copy Pat and pick up one of those ticket holders to display my set. i still have a library drawer that is awaiting a purpose too....

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