Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas is a comin'....

and i am in a bit of denial!


working through my little 'to-do' list. day by day.

i enjoyed teaching my first of the almost last class of the Year In Review layout. now that was a complicated sentence!! it was fun to play around with some new and old techniques using tea dye in scrapbooking. i always enjoy it when my students get an opportunity to experiment as well. and it is a bonus when all the experimenting steps work in class the way it worked for me at home.

in all irony....December brings about another use for a possible kitchen item. coffee. and not how you might think.

here is a sneak peak of the next class...until i get to share it with my Saturday group.


"...all that glitters is not gold...."

or silver.

i can't wait to share!

Happy Friday everyone.

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