Sunday, 3 June 2012

birthday card

for someone who "doesn't make cards" i have made a good number of them lately. another great way to use up some leftovers.

i found a box of blank cards designed by My Mind's Eye to match the Lost and Found collection. one of my favourites they sold last year. i still have a good number of the papers and embellishments left over and thought it would be fun to decorate the blank cards. now i am wishing i had bought more of that fabulous collection when it was still on the shelves! {how often do we say that?!}


this is one of the finished cards. i added another print and cut from Silhouette. big surprise!

i wish i had snapped a photo, but i also used the sketch pens on my Cameo to write on the envelope. i used the blue ink to draw a flourish almost identical to the glittered one on the card. then i added type in pink ink in the centre. it looked amazing. one more reason i love that machine.

i have another birthday card that i keep forgetting to give to the birthday girl....ugh! i may have to save it for next year....does that ever happen to you? or am i all alone with this type of problem?!

later this week i'll share the June year in review layout. soon enough i'll be sharing the gifts i'm making for the kids' teachers. i'm kicking myself that i ever started to make gifts for them! i think i need to start a new getting the other parents to all pitch in some money together and getting some really nice gift cards...but that sounds like a lot of work too! at least this way i am doing what i love and having fun. just as long as i finish in time...and remember to send it with the kids! ha!!

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  1. this is so beautiful card you have shared..i think if use Gift Card envelopes for it, would make it more worthy.


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