Monday, 4 June 2012

find joy every day

this was a fun layout for me to create.

i went deep into my photo storage and found some adorable photos of my preschooler and toddler that had never ever been scrapbooked.

the paper used on this page is very suitable for summer and any activity that goes along with the season. picnic. camping. celebration.

i'm pleased that the letter stickers and journal words will allow everyone to create their own titles to fit their photos and have the journal words to help with the tough part....the journaling! sometimes it is also difficult to find photos that fit the title that i create and cut out. {although "Bloom&Grow" from the May layout could belong to photos of young children, gardens or relationships....if you get creative!}


another fantastic set of papers from Authentique.

truthfully i had a different direction set for this layout....sometimes it happens. the more i tried to "make it work" the less i liked it. so i went with another direction.....and then it fell into place.

i was telling the girls last week that i really prefer classes that give them time to play and experiment within the supplies. this one will be a lot of fun! and yes, a bit of work too.


the slightly mindless cutting out a multitude of hexagons. all straight edges, so it is simple and fast. the fun will be adding details to a few of them. i hope it encourages many of the girls to try this popular technique. the easiest is to find papers that already have hexagons on them, and use them for a template. but you could also use a drawing or photo editing program to make your own. i'm certain you can make polygons with any number of sides in most word programs too. the hexagon really is the perfect shape. more interesting than a square!


yes a few will require a craft knife.

check out the gears. what is an outdoor summer scene without the effects of the sun and rain on metal parts?! not as difficult to recreate as you may think!


i am in love with those faucet knobs! i hadn't thought of putting them on a layout...but it is perfect. and the ribbon this month is another new addiction for me. it almost gives the impression of burlap....without the big fuzzy mess!!

it will be a challenge to let go of planning and hoping for exact replicas.....but once we start getting messy and experimenting it will be a lot of fun. i'm looking forward to it!

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