Friday, 16 November 2012

another post sponsored by my creative kids

these same kids have had a busy week! Kiara had her school Christmas concert on Tuesday night and Aidan had his last night. {the school is so large that they have had to divide up the kindergarten to grade 3 classes into 2 separate concerts. 250 kids performing each night....and the gym packed with parents.}
the kindergarten and grade one classes all sang versions of nursery rhymes. Kiara's class sang one about Humpty Dumpty and a cool one about the little the 4th piggy was the forgotten one and he was soooo blue. one group sang one about Wee Willie Winkie to the tune of "We Will Rock Them". it was all very entertaining.
the grade two and threes presented songs relating to keeping our Earth healthy. Aidan's class had a fun performance called "Garbage Stomp. Remember "Stomp"? yes, they all played home made instruments made form recycled objects.

the card sale on Sunday will finish off the last of their hectic schedule.

today i'm sharing a few cards that are our favourites.

 photo Aidan7.jpg

the same distress stain/water background technique, with spritzed distress stain stamping. i love how this one turned out. Aidan did too.

 photo Kiara10.jpg

i had to share this one. it totally has Kiara all over it with the purple background. the fun part was that she wanted to use the white distress lighten the soldiers' face. she was pretty excited to use my markers for colouring.

 photo Aidan8.jpg

this turned into a bit of an experiment with Aidan. he got a beautiful red background, then he spritzed it with gold perfect pearls. i'm glad he tried my suggestion of heat embossing with the silver powder and then using the embossing folder. it looks so regal.

 photo Kiara7.jpg

don't you love how the snowmans' hat is flying off of his head?!

 photo Aidan10.jpg

looks like the snowman is peaking out from behind a sign...i'm impressed with Aidan's creativity here.

 photo Kiara8.jpg

i was impressed with the 2DAY....until i realized that it was actually Kiara assigning numbers to her cards in the order she was designing them.

 photo Aidan9.jpg

Aidan used lots of layers here. i like how he changed the snowman's hand to having a mitten hand and waving a greeting.

 photo Kiara9.jpg

card number 3. ha! how cute is this little snowman?!

we're so proud that they are a part of this fundraiser. it's a great experience for them, and wonderful to be able to contribute to a great charity at the same time.

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