Tuesday, 13 November 2012

inspiration from my kids

this is the FIFTH year my children have been making cards to raise money for the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation.

they joined up with their friend, Kelley, who has been organizing this fundraiser {with some help from her mom!} for the past seven years.

each year the kids have changed up the sale. the first year we were involved it was held in a community centre and Kelley hosted a special tea. one year we had a table set up for other kids to make cards. a few years ago other kids didn't like making cards, so they brought craft items like birch bark candle holders. the kids are all getting older and their schedules are busier too. this year they still have cards and art. but they also have started doing some baking!

not in this house. we are sticking to cards. ha!

i noticed we had less time to work on the cards this year. i even made it easier and bought sticker sheets for them. i set up an area in the basement and organized their supplies. they even had some Christmas music to play and get them in the mood. i came home with new dies and stamps. it helped a bit.

i always find it interesting to see how they approach card making each year.

 photo Aidan3.jpg

Aidan embossed the background. he stamped then die cut the snowman pieces. and added a sticker.

 photo Kiara1.jpg

Kiara used the stamp, but hand cut the snowman. wow! i love her hand cutting too. it is sooo her!

after about 10 cards they slowed down. i encouraged them to make several cards with one design. that bored them and they didn't like it. i was beginning to think we might have to back out.

this past weekend, i had a bit of time. my projects were getting done and i needed a break. after discussing it with them, we agreed on a strategy.

on Saturday afternoon i set up the kitchen table with my Christmas stamps, Distress Stains and Distress Markers. i prepped several white bases from watercolour paper and white cardstock.

ink and misters filled with water or perfect pearl mixes make for some easy and cute designs. they used the stains and markers to colour the stamp. then a few spritzes of water before stamping. they were shocked that they could get two good designs by colouring the stamp just once {and misting it twice}.

 photo Aidan1.jpg

here is Aidans' card. the winter blueprints stamp set was actually really impressive with this technique as you can see.

 photo Kiara3.jpg

Kiara loved the "nutcracker".

they could do the work themselves and made quite a few cards this way.

 photo Aidan2.jpg

Aidan did the stamp background with the markers and mist technique. after it was thoroughly dry, he stamped the wisemen image with black archival ink. then he inked the edges of the watercolour paper before adhering it to the card.

 photo Kiara2.jpg

Kiara could colour almost all day long. she stamped the Christmas tree first in archival ink, then coloured it with Distress Markers.

before we knew it over two hours had passed and they still wanted to keep going. they were loving testing many of the stamps with these newly learned techniques. we ended up agreeing to spend a few more hours on Sunday afternoon with the stamps and inks. they were keen learners, so i shared a few more fun and messy techniques with them.

i'm going to spend this next week sharing the various cards my kids created. they are proud of their work. i'm proud of them for not giving up. and there are some great techniques involved. as well, we would love it if you were able to support this worthwhile charity. the kids take a lot of pride in their creations. just like you and me they also love to know that others like what they have made too. unlike you and me, they are pretty vocal when it comes to sharing how it makes them feel when someone likes what they have made!

the "big day" is this Sunday, 
November 18 
11:00am to 5:00pm
7811 - 142 street, Edmonton

the purpose is to promote awareness of the Stollery charity and raise money. the cards and other crafts are our way of saying thanks! for every $5 donation you can choose a card or other item. if you want a tax receipt, be sure to let us know. donations $25 and over are eligible. credit cards are also accepted. 

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