Saturday, 30 March 2013


our "Spring" Break week has been passing far too quickly! this year i decided to keep our "stay-cation" holiday costs down by finding some free activities around the city. 

we visited Chapters {book store} 3 times to enjoy some theme days: Dr. Seuss, Lego and Klutz. the "free" visits ensured we came home with another Scaredy Squirrel book: Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping. we have ALL of the Scaredy Squirrel books....a happy read no matter what your age! the last day brought home another 2 Klutz books. they are great....the kids will work on the crafts inside for a few days for hours at a time. the mess is minimal and they enjoy them. then they go back on the shelf and resurface on boring days. sometimes we have to supplement the craft supplies, but there is no shortage of those around here. books are a good investment...right?!!

we had intended to visit the public library, but never made it. a couple of last minute play dates changed that. no one complained!

one of the playdates involved a bit of a stamp/craft lesson from me. my girlfriend, Olga, is the most amazing baker and cook you will ever meet. she does not scrapbook or make crafts in any way. she brought her girls over with the intent of them making cards with my kids. in a last minute decision by me...i decided it would be fun for them to do some stamping techniques. most of them were the same that i did in November with my kids. it probably took an hour and they enjoyed getting a bit messy. i have the Zutter Bind-It-All that has been collecting dust on my shelf for the last few years. with the selection of papers we have, they chose a few....i trimmed them to various sizes....then we used the Bind-It-All to bind the papers and their stamping papers into a little album. a few photos, some writing, stickers, etc. and they had their own album. not one of the kids covered up their stamping artwork! it was cute. i used to make little booklets for the kids when they were small....they loved them. 

there were also the visits to the body shop and car rental place. the bumper on our car was due to get repaired {finally!!} this week. that added some additional excitement. more than i bargained for as the rental had a "push-button start". i had to pull out the manual because they forgot to mention that you need to put your foot on the brake for it to work. 

their is still a significant amount of snow on the ground. the weather is finally warming up and melting is happening. for now the kids have spent many hours outside, digging holes, making tunnels and splashing in puddles. despite their recent fun, all of us will not complain when the snow has fully disappeared. although snow/freezing rain is in the forecast for tomorrow.

 photo easter2010.jpg
this was Easter Sunday the year we moved here in 2010. cute kids! not a pile of snow to be found anywhere. it was a bit chilly for a spring dress....but they were definitely not wearing parkas. there has not been any Easter Egg Hunting outdoors for the past two years....and this year will make the third year. 

i came across this lovely printable:


so thankful for the reminder of Easter Sunday.

had to share one bit of scrapbooking!

 photo Aprilsneak.jpg

this is just a sneak peak of my next class. i'll share more info next week on the dates and costs and space. the colour is yellow. with a new technique that will be sure to ensure variety on every page. again!

Have a Joyous Easter!!

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