Friday, 26 July 2013

final day of camp

this has been a great week! my kids told me that they wished they could do this three days a week for at least a month. ha! i understand that to mean that they are enjoying Art Camp and wish it would last longer.

the kids loved the owl pillow boxes yesterday. they had to be sure to get all of the creating steps in the right order, but they also had a chance for a bit of creativity.

today is the last day of art camp. i saved the best project for last. in my opinion!

 photo clipboard.jpg

thankfully i had help from one of our summer interns to paint all of the clipboards with black paint. then paint two coats of blackboard paint on all SIXTY of the clipboards! well, actually sixty-one because i asked her to paint mine as well.

anyways i am excited to see how the kids will finish theirs. the sample is very plain. i'm hoping it will allow the kids who like things simple to leave it as it is and feel like the project was completed. but it will also give the other kids space to decorate it more and personalize it to their satisfaction.

i've brought out some stamps, colourful paper, stickers and such for them to use. they are my scraps. but for these kids the piles are like treasure. their smiles make me smile. we all know how excited we get when new products are introduced and they are finally available at the store. yup, multiply that joy by 60 and add in my happiness seeing them find the perfect paper or embellishment. so fun.

all of the teachers are already excited for next year. we had no idea that it would be so popular. we are hoping to make it larger next year. perhaps full days for older kids and keeping half days for the younger ones. i will keep you posted! my kids were both participants and it was fun to hear how much they enjoyed all of the activities.

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