Thursday, 25 July 2013

"owl" love my pillow box!

is what i have written on the board in the classroom today.


a bit of a corny sense of humour....especially since we are filling these cute little pillow boxes with POPCORN! corny...popcorn....yeah.


 photo angryowls3.jpg

these are just a selection of the "owl" crew for today's project.

the only addition we will make are some googly eyes!

the post-it note holder and the mini album were big projects for the kids. the owl pieces have all been pre-cut. they only thing they will need to do is add glue. they totally met the challenge from the last few projects...but i know we are all happy to have something that requires less instruction! {and those wonderful women who are in my monthly classes can totally relate, can't you?!}

they will also get a chance to finish adding details to their mini-album for the remainder of the class time. we have some amazing creative kids attending. i'm looking forward to seeing their personal creativity come alive for that part.

more big thanks to Urban Scrapbook for being a part of this camp. a fabulous opportunity for everyone involved!! i love that scrapbooking is becoming more recognized as an art form....not just for adults, but also for kids.

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