Tuesday, 6 August 2013

road trip

the paper collection from October Afternoon in our kits this month was titled: "Travel Girl"

when i went to choose my photos, i thought these ones were perfect! one of Kiara's friends has a little mini-corvette. the two of them had fun driving up and down the driveway and around the yard in the little coupe.

 photo AugustDT.jpg

i made the photos look like they had been taken by my phone using Instagram. i thought about making them black and white, but they totally lost their character when i did that.

included in the kit is a package of banners. mix them up. sew them up. the assembly is left up to you. with the wooden elements in the kit, it would be fun to add more wood and use a bamboo skewer to hold the little flags. i sewed up 3 sets and then layered them over top of one another.

 photo JulyDT2.jpg

i pulled out some shiny and dull mists or sprays to colour the background. i think i started with white. then decided it needed some turquoise. then i added some grey and silver. it sort of looks like the sky at night. hmmm....

until i looked at the photos of the layout, i had forgotten that there was a bit of stencil work with paint and molding paste peeking behind the background layers as well.

 photo JulyDT3.jpg

one of the items in the kit is a page of natural coloured sticky back canvas. i decided to try an image transfer technique. i've done this a few times in my classes. you can use a multi-medium, but the prepared adhesive of this type of canvas makes the entire technique much less time consuming.

 photo JulyDT4.jpg

i've been playing around with molding pastes and paints lately. it has been fun customizing colours too.

one of the products that has been very popular lately is wood. i think almost every company now has some wooden elements added to their list of products. there are so many possibilities for altering these elements. but even when they are left plain and naked, they look awesome on a layout.

there are some awesome variations of this kit on display at Urban Scrapbook. from simple to complex designs, you will be inspired to document some of your travels.


  1. Hi Roxanne!
    Are you working Thursday evening? I was thinking of going over to Urban and it would be lovely to have a visit! Once September comes and the girls activities start, what little social life I have will come to a screaming halt!! LOL!

  2. I'm not working on Thursday evening this week. But I am working on Saturday afternoon.

  3. If it doesn't work, we will have to figure out a time to meet and catch up. Our chats are too few and far between!!


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