Monday, 12 May 2014


so happy to celebrate another mother's day with my kiddos. they were full of secrets this weekend. it is very cute to watch them. with their dad's help, they spoiled me all the entire weekend. monday morning has been tough to have to do everything myself!

 photo blessed.jpg

this month the designers at Urban Scrapbook all made layouts that related to "mom".

i was one of those people who did not have being mom as one of my goals in life. in fact i was prepared to not have children and be happy about that! i'm very thankful that i changed my mind. or rather introduced to people who had a great influence on me. without hesitation, my kids are the reason behind many of my life choices these days. i've mentioned before that i never scrapbooked pages like a do now {and love!!} before Aidan joined our family. i also never invested the regular "me time" into scrapbooking and art before Kiara came along. scrapbooking/art has given me an outlet to express myself that i can't do any other way. it has allowed me to handle stress or make decisions as i create various projects. never mind the fabulous opportunity to teach the art!

yes. as i look back in awe over the past 10 years. i am blessed. beyond measure.

i wanted to showcase these young heroes in my life. and be very grateful to God who most definitely is responsible for bringing the right people into my adult life to show me that motherhood was indeed a very good thing for me. blessed.

not much to share about this layout creation. i tried some new 3D flowers from the Silhouette Store. time was short, so i didn't get into the paint or paste or inks like i usually do. that doesn't happen often!

 photo flower2.jpg

 photo flower1.jpg

 hope your mothers' day weekend was blessed as well.

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