Saturday, 22 March 2008

it's a

dye job!

if you have been following my blog, you may remember that i said i wanted to step of the box in my scrapbooking. baby steps.

this week i bought some alcohol inks.

i had first learned how to do them from Cari at the Urban Scrapbook on an acrylic album. l enjoyed it and loved the appearance. they look fabulous in fall colours.

i had been wanting to do this on my own since then...just couldn't make a decision on the colours to buy. they are relatively inexpensive, but i think it is good to have some variety in colour. i could not decide which ones to buy.

i decided i did not want to repeat the edge distresser tale!

the use of alcohol ink has been a new technique for at least a year. however that statement may just prove my lack of knowledge in the field of new techniques! not that you needed more proof. you can tell that i have not been up to date in the area of the latest and greatest techniques to try.

a little trip to my
lss and purchase of some acrylic shapes.

then another trip to buy a sheet of acrylic and cut out a butterfly with the die cut machine.

and a bold move to finally choose 3 bottles of acholol ink.
(stonewashed, caramel and cranberry)

then took them to the counter before i had a chance to change my mind!

the strategy worked.

these flowers were each done with a single colour.

the nearest butterfly has a combination of blue and red.
this butterfly has all three of the colours. (and some *bling* added later.)

it is a technique that is as messy as stamping. so not scary at all. the great part is that if you make a mistake you can actually dab away the ink and fix it. at least on acrylic that is. perfect for me.

i will try to take pictures of this technique next time --- though it is simple enough to not need that much explanation! i often do my work after the kids are in bed and the house is too dark for any good photo taking.

i think Roslyn would be happy to see that i let myself try some messy stuff. she may need to be sitting down when she hears that i just might be ready to try flocking. but that is a story for another day...

it is also important to note that i do not dream up all of this on my own. i appreciate any and all advice i get from the girls. Neeru pointed out that the store sells the acrylic by the sheet....and i can make a die cut of anything i want. i love how it all looks. thanks Neeru!

the box is getting smaller! yay!!

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