Saturday, 2 July 2011


how did i ever make the cut for this tag swap?!

last month (our inaugural month) the challenge was to create a tag with a monochromatic theme and a quote.

this month was to use a zipper and have a manly theme.


this is my tag.

somehow this turned out monochromatic too! definitely not planned.

one lesson learned. when using the "word" dies....use a highly contrasting paper underneath. i thought i had. not quite!

check out Pat's tag here. she also posted a photo of all her tags from this month here.

and Jan's. {scroll down to see the tag...but it is a great post with lots of pictures and other projects}

Nicole's are here. she also included her group of tags from last month in the same post. she knows how to rock the ink!

i think Lynette should start a blog too. *wink* Lynette and i chose the same colour for our first tag. this  month she printed a vintage hot air balloon image onto Kraft Glassine paper.

although i am still trying to figure out how i managed to get involved in this...i feel most honoured to be included among a talented and humble group of ladies.

next challenge is to use a set of 4 chosen colours. i think i'll take a photo of it to include with the next tag. it reminds me of the paint chip colours that are displayed in most paint sections these days. the Colour Room does the same thing each month. i did pick some Basic Grey papers that match. but i might dive into my paper hoard to see if anything inspires me from it. i am excited that i have no other huge commitments and have to create this one at the last minute. May and June were simply insanely busy this year!! {as you could probably tell given the assortment of projects i posted recently}

it is a long weekend....and today feels much like Sunday. the weather is beautiful, but i am not home alone with the kids. i am soooo tempted to sit and scrapbook uninterrupted today. at least for part of it. however it is a perfect day to be outside and soak up the sunshine and heat.

i love that about summer. so many great choices!

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